General Information

Våre generelle regler gjelder i denne konkurransen. Vennligst les disse.

League of Legends er et action-RTS/MOBA-spill utviklet, og utgitt av Riot Games. Med en type spillmekanikk hvor man spiller kamper på «The Fields of Justice». Fokuset ligger mye på lagspill hvor man må lese motstanderen og hele tiden være på tærne og ha hyppige taktikk-endringer underveis. Vi gleder oss til å se hvordan kampene utspiller seg under årets The Gathering.

League of Legends er et gratis MOBA som er utrolig moro å spille sammen med venner, eller alene om du har litt tid å slå ihjel. Du kan laste ned League of Legends fra den offisielle nettsiden, etter det er alt du trenger å gjøre er å lage deg en konto og dra ut på The Fields of Justice for å bekjempe motstanderne.

Turneringen på The Gathering 2017
Sted: The Gathering 2017, Vikingskipet Hamar, Norge
Turneringens format: Double Elimination Bracket
Deltagende lag: 64 lag
Server: EU West

Vi ønsker alle som har en gyldig billett til The Gathering 2017 velkommen til å delta i vår turnering, Alle runder blir spilt som Best av en, og kjøres som ett "double elimination" sluttspill.

Tidsplan for kamper:
Runde 1 - Torsdag 13.04 kl 10:00
Runde 2 - Torsdag 13.04 kl 11:00
Runde 3 - Torsdag 13.04 kl 12:00
Runde 4 - Torsdag 13.04 kl 14:00
Runde 5 - Torsdag 13.04 kl 15:00
Runde 6 - Torsdag 13.04 kl 16:00
Runde 7 - Torsdag 13.04 kl 17:00
Runde 8 - Fredag 14.04 kl 10:00
Runde 9 - Fredag 14.04 kl 11:00
Runde 10 - Fredag 14.04 kl 12:00
Runde 11 - Fredag 14.04 kl 13:00
Grand Finals - Fredag 14.04 kl 15:00 - Blir spilt på Scene :) 

Kontakte turneringens ansvarlige og andre lag eller spillere:

Om du behøver kontakt med turneringens dommere, lag eller spillere kan du gjøre dette via Discord-kanalen #league-of-legends på the gathering sin Discord server. Dommerne kan også nåes i game desken i sør-svingen av vikingskipet.  Bruk følgende link for å koble deg til Discord:

Mer informasjon om turneringen vil bli publisert på denne siden så raskt som mulig, vi anbefaler at du holder deg oppdatert ved å besøke denne siden så ofte som mulig.


Registration: Sun Mar 12 21:00Wed Apr 12 21:00 Competition: Thu Apr 13 10:00Fri Apr 14 18:00


1st prize – 20000,- NOK 2nd prize – 10000,- NOK 3rd prize – 5000,- NOK 4th prize – 1000,- NOK 5th prize – 1000,- NOK 6th prize – 1000,- NOK 7th prize – 1000,- NOK 8th prize – 1000,- NOK

League of Legends Tournament rules:


  1. Don’t be a jerk. Game admins can remove you from the tournament if you can’t play nicely with others.

  2. Listen to the game admins and referees. They have the final decision on tournament disputes.

  3. These rules may be long, but they apply to everyone in a tournament. You should read them.

This is a BYOC tournament format, which means that all players will need a LAN Ticket and their own PC to participate.

Anything not covered below will be based on Riot's official set of rules which can be found here (

There will be room for 64 registered teams. The matches will be BO1 (Best of one), which means that losing will result in your team dropping down to Lower Bracket - LB - and if you lose in LB, you’re out of the tournament. The semi-finals (Upper Bracket finals) and the grand final (Upper Bracket Grand Final) will be played as BO3. The team on the upper side of the bracket gets blue side. And the winner bracket finalist gets to pick sides the first game of the Grand Final.

Tournament settings:

  • Players: 5v5

  • Map: Summoner’s Rift

  • Game Type: Custom Game, Tournament Draft

  • Goal: The first team to destroy the enemy Nexus, or forces the opponent to surrender, wins.

Game rules:

  • Only admins or official commentators/shoutcasters are allowed to be in the lobby with the players or spectate the game(s).

  • Teams are allowed to request a remake in the event of technical problems happening before first blood, first objective (dragon/turrets) or before ingame time has passed 1:30.

  • If any problems or technical malfunction should occur (examples: the game crashes, blue screen or PC problems) immediately contact an admin through Discord.

  • Captains can pause the game if a problem should occur, and a message must be given to an admin regarding the reason for the pause at once.

  • If the opposing team does not show with a full team within 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, the team that has shown up on time wins by walkover.

  • The referees shall have the right to change, add to or delete any rule within this document at any time without notice to the participants. You should check the rules regularly to ensure that you are following the most up to date rules.

  • By signing this tournament, all entrants confirm that they agree to follow the rules, and that they understand that the referees shall have the final word within the tournament at any time.


  • Each team roster can have up to 7 players (5 players + 2 substitutes)

  • Substitutes can be used as long as admins are notified before the daily check-in is completed, or if Admins otherwise approve this.

  • Players must use the League of Legends account registered with the lineup in advance. Account-sharing is against Riot’s Terms of Service, and is not allowed in the tournament at any time.

  • All players must be registered at least 12 hours before the match starts.

  • A player can only be a member of one team in the same tournament.


  • The upper team in the bracket will create lobby/host the game and the captain of said team is responsible for inviting the opposing team.

  • The teams agree among themselves on who should play blue/red side. (If there’s a dispute, you decide by coin toss, or can have Admin’s do the same for neutrality. Example:

  • If more than one game is played in a series (ex: BO3/BO5) the teams swap sides after each game.

Reporting results:

  • The team captain submits the results manually in Unicorn.

  • Results must be reported to an admin on Discord.

  • Remember to state which team you play for, who you played against and what the result was.

  • Both teams must take a screenshot of picks & bans, as well as the post-game lobby with Victory or Defeat.

  • Please provide screenshots with recognizable names. (Examples: “Round1_SKGaming_vs_Fnatic_result.jpg” or “CLG_vs_TSM_picksbans.jpg”).


  • All captains must be available on Discord before and after the matches for at least half an hour on each side: i.e. if your game begins 12:00, the captain must be on Discord from 11:30, and for half an hour after the game has ended (12:30).

  • ONLY the captains should be in the Discord channel, unless notified otherwise by admins.


The following is considered cheating:

  • Exploiting bugs/flaws/hacks in the game.

  • Use of third party applications that affect the game between champion select and post-game lobby.

  • Intentionally disconnecting from the game.

  • Play on someone else's account.

  • Flaming / trolling

  • Unnecessary use of chat (see below).

Unnecessary use of chat are all forms of communication that are not described below:

  • Greeting your opponent (Ex.: Hello, gl, hf, gg, etc...).

  • Recognizing losses (Ex.: GG, WP).

  • Friendly chatting between players that is not considered unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • Relevant messages to admins and/or casters.

  • If you are unsure about any rules, contact admins on Discord ASAP.

    P.S. The rules can be changed at any point before and during the tournament, so be sure to check in every now and then to stay updated.

    P.P.S. The admins will always have the final call, and can override a rule or ruling if deemed necessary.

    Team name
    Lequip Gaming
    Strangers With Candy
    Team SoloDilf
    No Progress
    The Seagulls
    Sweaty Family
    Riddle eSports
    Unified Bronze V
    Vi er drit hehe xd
    Space Kittens
    Mother's Mullet Mafia
    Eclipse EK
    Brotherhood of Cheeki Breeki
    Alpha Defensive
    free candy
    Anime heroes
    Celestial Gaming Youth
    AKA Esports
    We tried
    Luckydo Walrus haters
    Low Quality Gaming
    Team 3000
    Bronze Gone Pro
    Skytta All-Star 2017
    Tron's kompanjonger
    Karate Kicking Kangaroos
    Gubbeguttene og kjæringkreka
    Nyx Assassins
    Wife Beaters United
    B A T H
    Team Red Light District
    Faker Carry Me Please
    Random Madness