General Information

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Minecraft Voxel Heroes is a tool assisted build competition. You can sign up alone, or as part of a team. Each team consists of a maximum of 5 players. When the competition begins, each team will get access to their own private server, hosted by The Gathering. You can use almost any build assists you wish (plugins), including WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. You may also use custom resource packs.

The servers will be available for 24 hours, and during that time you may log in and out as many times as you like.

When the competition ends, the servers will close, and a jury will choose a maximum of 8 finalists that will be put to a vote.

The server address will be made available to your team prior to the competition's start.

Need help? 
Contact our Minecraft game administrators on Discord, or come see us at the game desk.

Discord link: TBA (To be announced)


Registration: Sun Mar 12 12:00Fri Apr 14 09:00 Competition: Thu Apr 13 15:00Fri Apr 14 15:00 Voting: Sat Apr 15 12:00Sat Apr 15 21:00


1st prize – 4000,- NOK 2nd prize – 2000,- NOK 3rd prize – 1000,- NOK
  • All servers are hosted by The Gathering. You can not submit your own map files - your submission must by built on the hosted game servers.
  • All servers will run the latest stable Spigot build by default. Your team may request Bukkit or legacy versions of either Spigot or Bukkit. Other server implementations are not available or supported (Sponge).
  • All servers will run the latest stable build of WorldEdit and VoxelSniper by default. Your team may request other plugins, provided that they are approved by the Bukkit Community (download link must be available on Other plugins may be used if your team can provide the source code and required libraries for them. You may not submit a compiled, non-approved plugin.
  • The Gathering is not responsible for any server crash, loss of time or loss of data caused by third party software. Powerful tools like WorldEdit and VoxelSniper can easily crash a Minecraft server. We recommend that you use the built in save-commands to minimize the risk of losing data. Contact our game administrators for more information about this.
  • Custom resource packs must be submitted before the competition ends.
  • A maximum of 8 submissions will be chosen by a jury. These 8 submissions will move on to a public vote. The jury consists of the game administrators and other members of the game crew at The Gathering.
  • The winner will be the submission that gets to highest amount of votes.
  • Any participant at The Gathering may vote. Voters do not need to own a copy of Minecraft.
  • Requests regarding lore, a team making their own presentation video or submitting their own presentation pictures will be dealt with on a per-case-basis. There are several technical requirements, both in terms of length, resolution, frame rate and render distance. Contact our game administrators, and we'll see what we can do.
Team name
Team Yolo Mid
Sons of Torill
One Man Army
dream meme team supreme
Dream Team
No Risk no fun
Team FartCrush
Patrick Osvold
POWA (Power Of Weaponized Autism)
Wågheim crafting
Team Makkomania
The Retards
Team FIsk